I do Vlogs and Blogs both in short stories and giving my advice on worldbuilding and writing. With a Video format that has the notes for those of you that want to listen and those of you that want to read its below. Sometimes I will cover Gaming topics and my take on them.

Thank you for your support :)

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Sea of the Three Empires Territory Off.png
Yella Fellion Map.png

I Digitally create my maps, through an app named Wonderdraft. But this is mainly for my fantasy world. You can check out my map gallery to see what else I create. I will also create maps on stream too. Check out one of my channels! I also do time-lapses on Instagram of short map creations in a video so follow me!.

Video Games and Arts

Well on my youtube channel I show off the videos in full of working on my maps with the classical music and then I play a variety of video games. If you are interested press the subscribe button as I post short highlights, full matches, playthroughs and arts of many from digital mapping to drawings of my own!