Random Writings part 1

A random scene from Book 3 of the Ralnor series, Lich King Ralnor sailed to introduce himself to his brothers and younger sister, and his old family.

The Lich King sailed from Frost Reach to Cytheaneas, as he sailed with a small contingent of Undead Knights, Death Knights and Master Necromancers. Including his companion Elizabeth, as they sailed through the frozen cold sea of the north. The small fleet sailed to the snow elven lands. Ralnor observing the waters and seeing it freeze and melt little by little. Ralnor holding the hilt of his dark and long-frozen steel sword, he griped on it silently.

Elizabeth walked towards him and said “You look cold.”

Ralnor responded “Im use to this, but I’d doubt you are.”

Elizabeth answered to his remark “I could care less how cold I can get. Theres a reason I have mage robes. Even then understanding the basics of fire magic and you can survive the cold.”

Ralnor stayed quiet as he continued standing looking out towards the sea, He changed the subject and said to Elizabeth. “How long have you been into magic, did you go to a mage college.” Elizabeth shivers from his voice as she prepares to answer.

Ralnor says “I asked you a question.”

Elizabeth then answered “ever since I was young, My Family were a rich noble house... in the Republic of Abros. My mother and father were slaughtered in front of my eyes….a Mage..Nexxis sailed me to Cytheaneas. I lived in the college for whatever remained of my childhood..then I became an adventurer for a little while.”

“Then what.” Ralnor said.

Elizabeth: “like everything..and everyone I come into contact with..it has a beginning and an end. Those people I think that will survive, die. I see living is a curse, now the dead is my salvation.”

Ralnor said nothing as he turned his head towards Elizabeth, she looked at him “My master would be pleased to hear such a remark. Why aren't you part of the dead yet?”

Elizabeth answered “I could die at any time, why rush it.”

Ralnor took out his sword from the sheathe, he inspected it. Then he says to her “I could kill you myself.” He gently puts his sword over her neck, Elizabeth gazed in fear “But I enjoy your company.” Elizabeth gulped as Ralnor drifted his sword away from her neck then he says to her “we’re visiting an old home, with a few friends. Be on your best, but keep your guard. I’m sure they wouldn’t want a fight.” Elizabeth nodded as she stepped away from the Lich King, she thought about what she said in doubt.

Meanwhile, on the continent of Cytheaneas. The port town of Incanta in the northwest. Eldar Lord Tlanntar, his Sister Lady Sinea and his Wife Master Nexxis walked on the frozen beaches of the port.

Master Nexxis says to Sinea and Tlannatar “How goes Vulluin?”

Tlannatar answered “Actually well...he’s doing well for being someone that doesn’t wish to rule.”

Siena replied “can you blame him for not wanting to be King?”

Tlannatar responded, “Ralnor wasn’t supposed to die…”

Siena argues “and that happened...We let him down brother.”

Nexxis intervenes “enough..the siege of Frost Reach was a costly siege. The Lich is no more. We don’t have to worry anymore.”

Siena responded to Nexxis “Ralnor didn’t deserve to die!”

Tlannatar responds “Those that were INVOLVED did not deserve to die..Ralnor is in a better place now sister.” The three strolled on the snowy beaches, Tlannatar sees a big cloud in the distance. He was still cautious of the glowing beam that came from Frost Reach a week before.

Nexxis walked beside him then said to Siena “Siena go back.”

Siena asked “why?” She began making her way to the shore and Nexxis answered her, demanding Siena “Go back Siena!”

Siena stopped as she nodded, she walked to one of the horses they stopped near the beach. Nexxis and Tlannatar looked out at the frozen oceans. Nexxis asked “is this what you saw in your dream?”

Tlannatar answered “only a part of what I saw, Whatever it is that we see or encounter...just be careful. I don’t like this anymore than I have too..”

Nexxis wanted to lighten his mood, she saw the worried look in Tlannatar’s face. As if he’s seen something like this before the Druid Lord Rothilion, before his father became king and died. Before his Little brother Ralnor was born. “Tlanntar, let’s go. We will bring a small group to accompany us back here.”

Tlannatarstaring into the sky, the gray fog coming from the distance it comes closer. Could it just be the whether or could it be the New Lich King. Nexxis pulled on Tlannatar as they walked back to the horses. Tlannatar compiled following her. The two snow elves rode back to the port town of Intaca. The three elves arrived at the entrance of the gated village.

Sentinel Wyreen, The Captain of the town guard. He talked to one of the few soldiers in Tlannatar’s Party. Wyreen was popular amongst the armies of Cytheaneas. Those that came back alive to see him were like a blessing cause of Wyreen Charismatic attitude. Wyreen stayed in the camp with Tlannatar soldiers as Tlannatar, Nexxis ans Siena rode into the camp.

Wyreen looking up at the Lord and Ladies as they passed him, Wyreen noticed something was up. He said to the soldiers he’ll be back and walked with the steeds as he trudged through the snowy cold grass. “Something wrong Lord?”

Tlannatar looked down and responded “we have a situation, Keep the village guards prepared.”

Wyreen noticed Tlannatar voice had a more serious tone than usual. Wyreen compiled as he says “yes my lord..should I tell the captain of your troop anything?”

Tlannatar said to Wyreen “I’ll do it myself, go.” Nexxis and Siena watches Wyreen run off with his shield in his hand and sword on his side.

Nexxis says to Tlannatar “we don’t know what it is yet, are you scared?”

Tlannatar responded “I’m terrified to know what it is my love, this isn’t just Rhys Undead anymore...this is something else. That fog we don’t know or have any idea what that is.” Siena listening silently as Nexxis nodded to Tlannatar. Nexxis didn’t argue, she decided to walk to the mage tower. Standing inside and looking out to the distant seas of Northern Cythenase. She sees the fog getting closer and closer. Creeping as if, The news of Yela Failion’s falling came to ears for the snow elves. Tlannatar, Sinea and Wyreen with a party of 60 snow elven soldiers started marching out the village gate to meet the Undead. Nexxis telepoted down and walked beside the three. They marched down the dirt snowy road, heading back to the coast a few miles off.

Elizabeth took off the fog to the fleet, as the ships got closer to the shores of the snow elven lands, seeing the snowy forest, and cold shores getting closer. The Fog uncovered after a few minutes, they noticed the small army Tlannatar put together. The Soldiers waited, The Snow elf leaders stood firm in front of the soldiers.

Elizabeth said to Ralnor “Oh look, we have company.”

Ralnor responded to her “Brother and Sister. Old family, and the Grandmaster.” The Undead ships got closer as they landed on the beach.

Tlannatar was seen riding forward as he yells “State your business Dark filth!” Nothing is said in reply “UNDEAD! STATE YOUR BUSINESS!”

Ralnor dropped off the ship landing on his feet, in his helmet and armor with his sword in his hand, Tlannatar stood back as he dismounted his horse bravely. Nexxis and the others gasped as they saw the Lich King.

Tlannatar said to Ralnor “Llaabith! How could it be!”

Ralnor took off his helmet then said to the group “It’s me brother.” The group in shock as they stare at Ralnor. Ralnor noticed the soldiers as he kept calm, the snow elves in fear of their old King, Now against them, paler than the snow elves. Cuts on Ralnor face as he looked at the Snow elven soldiers, his brother, his sister, and the Master Mage.

Nexxis looking in fear as she walked forward, beside Tlannatar she says “Ralnor…” Elizabeth and several Death Knights stood beside Ralnor. Nexxis then said “Elizabeth..” Elizabeth silently grinning.

Tlannatar says to Nexxis “You know her?”

Nexxis answered “She was one of my best Pupils...to be human.”

Elizabeth took off her hood as she greeted herself to Nexxis “Hello, failure”

Nexxis growled at her comment wanting to send Elizabeth flying, but she backed down. Ralnor walked forward. Tlannatar commanded “That’s far enough!”

Ralnor stopped and said to the elves “What a reunion.” He grinned, a smirk on his face so wide Cerridwien would even be disappointed to see him be forced down such a dark path. Ralnor continued “I missed you all, I heard you’re having trouble with a civil war. Mind If i join you? I can turn the tide.”

Nexxis shouted “We don’t need help from the Undead! Especially a man who is now considered a traitor!” She didnt mean those words but She knew it wouldn’t be the best of decisions.

Ralnor answered “Watch your tongue while you have it Mage!”

“What has she done to you..Irene has cursed you brother.” Tlannatar says to him

Ralnor replied “I am free of the curse brother. I have control. I promise to use it for good.”

Siena yelled “That! Is a lie! Yela Fallion is burning and people are dead because of your master! You call that Control! Brother...Little Brother! See the bigger picture!” Wyreen gripping his spear and holding his shield looking at Ralnor in fear, Nexxis sensing the high magical energy coming from him noticing something is off.

Ralnor gripping his sword then responded to Siena “I see the bigger picture! The Imperial elves were a race that caused us all problems! I destoryed something that must go for a long time! The Undead I lead are mine and No one will take that away from me. I will make the Undead empire! You will all be my puppets!”

Nexxis blurted out “She has clouded your judgement...Ralnor. Fight it...Ralnor. I know you're in there.”

Ralnor yells “Silence! Peasant!”

Tlannatr shouts “Enough! You must leave brother!”

Elizabeth respond to him “He’ll leaves when he wants to leave!”

Siena shouted “shut it you necromaning whore!”

Ralnor said to her “No we overstayed our welcome.” Ralnor then said to the snow elves “I will help you and Vulluin whether you like it or Not Tlanntar! Goodbye elder brother, and Sister. Goodbye Mage, I knew you'd betray me one day”

Nexxis said to him “No one has betrayed you but yourself.” Ralnor dashed to her with his sword prepared to swing then argues to her “I saved our world from the threat you sent us too! And now Im all Mighty powerful! Do you think I enjoy this woman!”

Nexxis stared into Ralnor blue glowing eyes as she answered him calmly, at the risk of death “Yes, Yes a bit too much..I can read your feelings Ralnor...You're sad, scared, confused. I see your fighting her-” She blew magical dust into Ralnor’s face as it reached his eyes he backs away rubbing his eyes with his hands, picking up his sword Ralnor swung, Tlannatar blocked as Nexxis stood there. Tlannatar gave Nexxis the look to ‘stop’. Tlannatar pushed Ralnor away with his sword, Ralnor stopped fighting.

Nexxis then said to Ralnor “I hope you truly come back to us. I see your in there...goodbye Ralnor.”

Tlannatar then replies “fight it, brother...Goodbye..”

Sinea says to Ralnor “I love you...Please..come back to us.” She stood firm as Elizabeth waited for Ralnor to come back. As he walked back to the ship disgruntled wanting to kill the elves. The voice in his head screaming to head back. Irene is in pain from the magical dust. The snow elves watching the Undead board the ship as the snow elves leave.

Tlannatar says to Wyreen “go, i’ll catch up.” Wyreen nodded as he told the soldiers to march back to the village. Nexxis passed Tlannatar unbothered as Tlannatar grabbed her by the shoulder “What in Jynx were you thinking!”

Nexxis responds “Firstly” She pushed his arm off of her shoulder. “Don’t grab me like that, I have a plan.”

Tlannatar replies “Did that plan involve being near your death! If I wasn’t alert already you couldve died!”

Nexxis said to Tlannatar“I blew the dust in his face to help what’s left of his soul to find a way out...He is still in there.”

Tlannatar says to her “He’s still alive…He’s fighting Irene’s Control...stubborn bastard..”

Nexxis says with a sigh “Yes! But his soul is trapped inside of the darkness that consumed him….He is still in there but he won’t be able to be free on is own. We need to go to the Islands. Vasthi has to be there.” Tlannatarand Nexxis walked to the horses, Sinea listed over the conversation as she followed.