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Hey guys, My name is Jordan Hollis or Auxyn and Today I wanted to start a Vlogging series for my website called My Advice. I will give you a brief introduction of who I am then going into the series.

So for those of you that don't know who I am, or what I do. My name is Jordan, I am a multi-genre author that writes in the Fantasy genre, Epic and Low, Science Fiction, Game Lit, and Action, and Adventure. I am a self-published author for the book Backyard Soldiers: Operations Volume 1, taking miniature soldiers on a tabletop game and they talk and interact just like any other person. Then having the human players follow their lives inside and outside of the game while they command these miniature toy soldiers.

I also play video games, I am a variety gamer and I draw maps, check out my links down below for all of that. Instagram gets everything I do so follow me there, a gallery of my maps is on my website.

So the series, I am a younger author, and in no way will I be knowing it all of the writing and worldbuilding realm, hints at the title MY Advice. I look to give advice about Writing and Worldbuilding topics after this video and probably the second or third video. I will be covering things in writing like how to start the first chapter, or how to make a sword fight. Writing dialogue and covering things in worldbuilding as in How was your world created, what is the era and why is it important. I will be giving my complete honest takes on these topics and the goal is to open conversation, but while helping aspiring and new authors or giving even seasoned authors an honest take.

I will be setting these blogs and Vlogs in two formats, One will be written for my more consistent thoughts, and these videos will be for my more ranty and to the point. With some script in them. I will be releasing these videos every Wednesday

If you enjoy the way I want to do this, leave me a follow. Found any of my other content entertaining leave me a follow or subscribe.

Thanks, friends peace

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