How I started Writing!

So this is a long story of how I started writing, I was worldbuilding and making maps since I was around seven to twelve years old, before the writing, I wanted to be a game programmer and I wasn't much of a church kid. Every time my family and I went to church I had a journal (Might still have it) and What I did was draw maps and created nations, different races. Factions of all sorts because I was so interested in history that I had a burning passion for putting nations like the Holy Roman Empire going against the likes of medieval China. Sometimes I played on the spiral stairs quietly because I had such an engagement with my imagination. I may have been caught once..or twice but I was easily bored.

Years passed

Before those long years passed, a couple of my childhood friends before I graduated from middle school knew I always wanted to create video games. But as life went on, things about me changed. I stopped mapping for a short while because I was running cross country and track. But I remember quite a few times My English teachers wanted me to get into writing. I had "talent" to say the least. But as time went on I got into a thing called roleplaying by texting for example *swings a sword around and then duels an orc* that thing. Done that with a few of my friends and we created stories that went into my fantasy world my maps are based on and some of that helped me progress in my writing. Ever need an rp partner just ask seriously, if that helps you write then take it. But as that helped me it opens up more of a realization.

So more about the English teacher, or teachers. I created three short stories that were pretty much on the subjects that we talked about, pretty sure I passed all of them with a high-grade B. I mean not much to brag about but you'll see why I keep bringing this up. So around that time i kept drawing maps by hand and stayed on my path of wanting to become a game dev.

But I met someone and something about myself changed, I started to get into writing little by little but more and more when I graduated. Oddly it stuck with me when I least expected it too, so around 2019 I started Wonderdraft (digital mapping), I've had my Instagram account since I was in Highschool but revamped it to a creative account because I knew for a fact that I was going to do more than just sit down and write. me and that person split unfortunately then I made a move to a self-published book. So got in contact with the teacher that said I had the talent to do it and she loved that I started writing, actually Facebook friends now. But I continued, a publishing company wanted me to be signed with them, and later I and said the company had some creative differences. So I kept pushing. Backyard Soldiers released in 2020 after some complications and now I'm here learning and improving for the next book.


Never ignore the signs that you love writing. Embrace it. My mistake was ignoring my creative mind

Anytime is a good time!

Releasing or writing a book, THE TIME IS NOW. Start now. Don't wait

One more thing I wish I knew before getting into being an author/writer. Do research on marketing. It helps, I've always dove headfirst into plenty of things and suffered later.I think writing has taught me to do Research!

One last thing on releases, sometimes the first release to a book is a lesson. So for those of you just looking and didn't do any research. Don't be discouraged. Push, learn from it. I was just as discouraged (almost quit) granted I made like 15 sales. But that's not the point! don't quit, people are out there I promise.

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