Kings of Eiria Maps

The Burning Forest

Yella Fellion Map.png

 The Burning forest is home to the Imperial elves, I based this from the Blood elves. Warcraft.

The Imperial Elves of Yela Fallion are a sister race to the High elves. The elves of Yela Fallion were once High elves, they became imperial elves because of different archtuire, religion, and society. The Imperial elves are more defensive than the other elven races. The Imperial elves focus themselves on Socercry magic, the Great Tower of Hallios. An inner wall of Zeta and The Palace of Fallion. Three landsmarks inside of the Great Imperial elf City.  The Druids of the Burning Forest and the Woods elves are a threat to the Imperial elves as they are slightly different from their counterparts around the world.

The Grasslands of Ionor homes the Hobgoblins being one of the races that fought these Imperial elves. The First Siege of Yela Fallion in RE (Ryzmeth Era) spring 247 was fought against these Goblins.

The Dragon Isles

Kings of Eiria, The Dragon Isles resized

The Dragon Isles, and no not the ones from Warhammer. Hell I never knew Warhammer Fantasy had a Dragon Isles.

The Dragon Isles were home to Dragons before they moved to the Dragons Vale further south of Nidaria. The Dragon Isles is home to my Japanese Faction, Japanese Orcs, and Japanese Cat People. May find some colonies here and there but likely very small ones. The Dragon Isles are split into five islands. Hanayama, Katsumera, Tachira, Okirashi, and Iketari. Welcome to the Dragon Isles

The Vrician Forest KOE.png