Hey there readers and gamers, my name is Jordan welcome to my bio. I am from South Carolina and I would like to share more about myself. So here we go.

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How did I start writing?

Guess I’m just catching up, I love this

My name is Jordan Hollis, I was born and raised in South Carolina. I am 21 and started writing when I was 20. The idea of becoming an author was the long progress of growth and complicated life situations.   I started world-building when I was 12 drawing maps and looking up names or even making my own names. putting them in my journal.  As I got older I started running cross country in middle school and High school. I was in some news articles with my team Ridgeview Highschool. Go Blazers! 

While in my junior year(16-17) of high school I picked up world-building again and some writing.  Later that year, I was given the assignment to make a book of 30 pages at least. An exam grade did it got a B. I guess it was something, the teacher told me why don't you get into writing when you're out of high school. I shrugged it off, wanted to do something else with my life around that time my gaming channel was a thing on youtube. In my senior year, we had a mythology assignment in literature and I wrote another story, my teacher at the time said the same thing, why don't you get into writing. But the conversation sparked more into it. Writing groups and clubs the possibility of it being full time and what not so I thought about it and still didn't budge. I graduated in the class of 2017, worked and tried college but it wasn't for me, I tried military it wasn't for me.  I fell back into writing slowly, continuing to work on my fantasy world. Eiria, a world I wanted to release for a long time. Now I'm 21, An indie author.


The thing that I learned from all of this I would say is don't give up. Don't ignore the signs of talent either.

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I make my own maps, through wonderdraft. It's for my fantasy world that I will have blogs later as I write. be patient friends I wish to start simple. 


I am also a military guy, from weapons to aircraft and special forces. A history buff, fantasy nerd and gamer. Virgo, and AugustBaby

 I have a strong interest in sports cars, one day I want to own a car garage for myself and my car buddies. Several of my sports cars inside with tools and I work on my own vehicles.

I love cars, I don't have a favorite sports cars because all of them have pros and cons. I've been interested in cars since I was around four or five. ask toddler me what that car was I got you, I have the answer. Dodge Vipers were a favorite as a kid.

Cause I like these two that Chelle took

My Favorite colors are Blue, Green, and Grey. Yes the truck is mine


My end goals as an author, I want my words, worlds, and fictional characters to impact people. I want to help fellow creatives and those that have the talent and can show the work for it. 

Personally, I want to make it a full-time job. I want to reach my goals, eventually having my books turned into games or even TV shows. thanks for reading and hearing me out.

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