Jordan Hollis! Or Auxyn playing video games mostly on the computer majority of his life got into worldbuilding around 12 and writing around 16. Now 23 years of age Jordan is a self-published author for backyard soldiers and many more books to come. Cursing like a sailor in video games, commanding and fighting to victory to writing about it, and taking inspiration from it. One day Jordan looks to become a well-known author and bridging the gaps of creativity.

Some of his hobbies when he isn't writing or streaming are playing video games, drawing maps, playing pretend with airsoft guns and swords, the arts of digital drawing, and more.  If not those then cooking, working out or sleeping.

  • Loves the military

  • Loves Sports Cars

  • Born a Virgo

  • Favorite color is Blue

  • Works as an Apartment Maintenance Guy outside of this

  • Ran Track and Cross Country