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Hello there, My name is Jordan Hollis or Auxyn. I am a gamer, author, map/world builder and this is my website welcome. 

I write an array of genres, from the flying dragons, clashing swords and politics of the fantasy worlds to the robotics and super soldiers of the science fiction world. From the action books of Backyard Soldiers to Elves of Kings of Eiria.  personally, I don't think i'm an ordinary author. Creatively driven and motvatied to give you as my audience books that are memorable and enjoyable to read. This website has an author cave that explains my bio, goals as an author, and a small story of how I started writing. I do Worldbuilding, and Gaming on my social platforms!

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Gaming Channel

In the Gaming world, Jordan is known as Auxyn. This is some of what he plays. Shooters, Strategy and adventure games. Sometimes taking notes through his journal or laptop working on his books or in a brainstorm, little by little. Here are some old video's from either months or years ago when He started and what to expect. As of right now his Channel is on pause but leave a sub. Much appreciated.

My Advice Blogs!

Here are my Blogs, Including writing tips series called my advice where I give my prespective on writing and Worldbuilding behind gameplay and commentary. I also write short stories and cover some off topic things as well. Be on the lookout!.

Thank you for your support :)

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